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If you are experiencing issues with reloading or "Game Down" messages, make sure your flash player is up to date, and clear your cache and cookies. You may want to try playing in a different browser.

Support ID

When you send us a ticket (using "Submit a Request" at the top of this Page) please include your account ID, either a Facebook ID or Guest Support ID. If you play while connected to your Facebook account, please send us your Facebook ID (the numbers or name after www.facebook.com/________ on your Profile Page). If you do not play while connected to Facebook, we will need your Guest Support Key. To find your Support Key, follow these steps:


1. Go to Settings, then to Apps.

2. Find MLB Ballpark Empire. On the right you will see your Support Key (you must launch the game once before the support key is generated)


1. Go in-game and click on Settings (the gear icon);

2. Your Support ID is displayed to the right of the sound effects icon.

If you are playing on Facebook on desktop, please include which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.), and which version. Please note that MLB Ballpark Empire does not work on Safari for Windows.

If you are playing on iOS, please include which device (ex: iPhone4S, iPad2, iPod Touch 5, etc.) you are using and which Firmware it runs (6.1.3, 7.0, etc.). Please note that MLB Ballpark Empire does not support iPhone3s of any type, iPod Touches below 5, and the original iPad.

If you are playing on Android, please include which device (ex: Samsung Galaxy S3, LG Nexus 4, Motorola Xoom, etc.) you are using and which Firmware it runs (4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), 3.2 (Honeycomb), etc.). Please note that MLB Ballpark Empire does not yet support the Samsung Galaxy 2 and other devices.

You do not need to submit more than one ticket. You can also submit a request or send us an email at support@mlbballparkempiresupport.zendesk.com.


MLB Ballpark Empire Support Desk

Samantha March 14, 2014 8 Announcements

Here is what we added or changed in MLB Ballpark Empire in version 1.08, our latest update (March 17):

  • Dual Currency players - the majority of players can be signed temporarily with Coins or forever with MLBucks
  • 2014 players with precise players’ positions - most players can play only one position, but others are UT (Utility), and can play multiple positions.
  • Light Roster revamp - see team name, position, and more without having to click on a player

Bug fixes (the highlights):

  1. Google Play Achievements
  2. Away games causing a Swing and Miss
  3. Turner and Target stadium corner stands
  4. and more!I

If you’re experiencing problems or have questions, please send us a ticket!

Samantha September 28, 2012 153 FAQ

MLB Ballpark Empire is available for FREE in the Google Play store and in the iTunes store.


MLB Ballpark Empire FAQ



What is MLB Ballpark Empire?

MLB Ballpark Empire is a virtual Stadium-building game where you build up your favorite Major League Baseball franchise from a small local ballpark up to the ultimate baseball stadium.


What is a Stadium?

Building a Stadium is the cornerstone of MLB Ballpark Empire. After you choose your team, build a virtual Stadium in which to seat your fans, build Concession Stands, and give your team a place to play ball! As the game progresses, you build bigger and better Stadiums using new materials and virtual replicas of baseball landmarks like The Green Monster.


What are Blueprints?

Blueprints are materials necessary to construct some stadium parts. You can monitor your current Blueprints inventory and buy more with MLBucks in the Blueprints menu on the bottom navigation bar. You might also be able to convince your friends to send you some in a pinch – as long as you return the favor! See “How do I get Blueprints?” below for more information.


What is a Concession Stand?

Concession Stands are virtual booths which serve fans food and drinks to generate virtual revenue in Coins and Fandom for your team. A Concession Stand can be upgraded to stock more food or drinks and increase the price of your Concessions.


What is Fandom?

Fandom is used to advance your level of play in Ballpark Empire. You win Fandom by playing baseball games against other teams, serving concessions, hiring skilled staff members, installing team banners, building special stadium parts, and completing Missions. You’ll need to reach ever-higher levels of Fandom to access the coolest stadium parts in the game.


What are Tickets?

Tickets allow you to play ballgames. Tickets accumulate slowly over time, or you can buy them with MLBucks by clicking on the + icon next to the Tickets icon on the top of the interface. When you go up a Fandom level, all your Tickets will replenish to the maximum amount and your Ticket capacity will increase.


What are MLBucks?

MLBucks are virtual currency which can be used to rush production of buildings, and buy more Tickets, Training Blocks, and Items. You can also sign some players and Staff with MLBucks.


What are Coins?
Coins are virtual currency which can be used to buy Stadium Parts, restock Concessions, and sign most players and Staff.


What are Items?

Items like Hard Hats, Construction Signs, Laser Scanners, Napkins and others are used to upgrade your Facilities (Parking Lot, Warehouse, TV Station, Concession stand etc.).


What are Skill Points and Training Blocks?

Skill Points are what make up each of your players’ ratings, which contribute to your overall Team Rating. The higher the scores, the better your team performs on the field. Training Blocks or Coins can be used to increase a player’s rating, and therefore the Team Rating. Training Blocks are won from completing Missions or bought with MLBucks.


How do I Build things?

  1. Click on the Build icon (the shopping basket to the right of the Manage icon) to open the Build Menu.
  2. Select any of the first tabs to explore the game content. Special Promotion items are under the Star icon. Explore the menu options under Stadiums to discover different stadium types: Starter Stadium, American League and National League. At first you’ll be working with the Starter Stadium parts, but as you build your Empire, you’ll be able to recreate pieces of real MLB stadiums from each team!
  3. When an item is selected, the Build Menu will close, and the item can be placed using your cursor. Gridlines appear on the ground to show your placement options for this item. If you don’t see any lines, this means you may not have the correct space available to place this item.
  4. Click your item over the grid to start the building process. Once in position, Coins are deducted and construction begins! When applicable, the time remaining is shown in the tooltip that appears when you mouse over the item.
  5. If you click before the Build timer is complete, a pop-up will appear, providing the option to skip the Build time using MLBucks.
  6. When ready, if you have enough Blueprints, clicking the part will complete construction.


How do I get Blueprints?

  1. Receive Blueprints as a reward for completing Missions
  2. Receive Blueprints from your MLB Ballpark Empire Facebook friends as a gift.
  3. Create Blueprints in the Warehouse or Trade District.
  4. Receive Blueprints as random rewards when you complete a Task in a Facility.
  1. Blueprints can be purchased using MLBucks if you do not have enough to Build your item.


How do I sell Concessions? How do I send vendors into the stands?

  1. While your team is playing a baseball game, bubbles representing potential Concession sales will appear above the crowd. Click on the bubbles to send a vendor into the stand for that Concession.
  2. Once the Concession has been sold, you can move your cursor over the Coins and Fandom that come out of the bubble to collect them. Don’t worry: you’ll collect the Coins and Fandom automatically if you don’t want to manually collect.
  3. Try to keep up with demand – if you don’t click a Concession bubble, your fans won’t be happy and you won’t receive as much Coins and Fandom.

Note: If you are out of stock, you will not be able to receive revenue for that Concession, but vendor bubbles will still appear in the crowd.


How do I unlock concessions?

Note: You must build at least one concession side stand to unlock your first concession.

  1. Click on the Concession icon above and to the left of your Manage button to view your locked and unlocked concession stands.
  2. When a concession is available to be unlocked, you will see a key icon instead of a lock icon. Click on the Key icon to see what you need to unlock the concession stand.
  3. If you have the correct resources to unlock the stand, click “Upgrade.”
  4. Don’t forget to click on the stand one last time when it says “Construction Complete” to complete it.


How do I restock my concessions? How do I upgrade my concessions?

To access you concessions, click on the Concession icon above and to the left of your Manage button.

To see options to Restock and Upgrade your concession stand, hover over the concession stand with your cursor.

To restock your concession stand, click on the Restock button.

To see what you need to Upgrade your concession stand, click on Upgrade. On this screen you will also see the stock capacity and Coins you will earn from each sale at the current and next level.


How do I move between my concession stands?

Click on the small blue arrows on the left and right sides of the concession bar to switch between your eight concession stands.


How do I upgrade my concession stand?

There are requirements to upgrade your concession from one level to the next:

  1. Seating. You must have enough seating to accommodate each new concession or concession upgrade. To get more seating, build new stadium stands or upgrade your existing stands (e.g.: replace wood with steel).
  2. Items. You need the amount of Items indicated before you can upgrade your concession stand. Items can be acquired by collecting rewards from vendor requests during a Playball, or by completing Facilities jobs.
  3. Coins: You need the amount of Coins indicated before you can upgrade your concession stand.

Once you have all the required seating, Items and Coins, you can upgrade your concession stand.

Congratulations! You have upgraded your concession stand.


How do I play a baseball game?

  1. Click the Playball icon on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose a team to play against. You can select from any team other than your own for Home games, or click the Friend Team button to play an Away game at one of your Ballpark Empire friends’ stadiums!
  3. Choose your Entry Fee (how much money to charge your fans for Tickets).
  4. Choose which Game Changer(s) to bring with you into the game.
  5. Play Ball!


How do I earns Coins?

  1. Completing Playballs earns you Coins from:
    1. Ticket Sales
    2. Concession Sales
    3. Sponsor Deals
    4. Some Special Game Changers
  1. As a reward for completing missions
  2. From Tasks in the Facilities.
  3. As a free gift from friends.
  4. You can also sell pieces of your stadium. To sell a stadium piece, click on Selection Tools (the Cursor icon in the Navigation Bar to the left of the Inventory icon) and select Sell. Then click on the piece you want to sell. You won’t be able to sell a piece if other pieces depend on it. For example, if you have a banner on the outside of a side stand, you will not be able to sell the side stand until you have moved or stored the banner.

 Note: MLB Ballpark Empire allows you to accrue and earn virtual money only.  You will not receive any cash or monetary payment for using MLB Ballpark Empire.

How do I get MLBucks?

  1. Win MLBucks as a reward for completing some missions.
  2. Win MLBucks with some Fandom Level Up's.
  3. Win MLBucks from your Daily Reward.
  4. Win MLBucks after some Playballs.
  5. Buy MLBucks using Facebook Credits.
  6. Watch out for special deals on the MLB Ballpark Empire Facebook Page.


How do I buy MLBucks?

  1. To buy MLBucks, click on the + sign next to the MLBucks symbol (it looks like a stack of cash) at the top of the game screen.
  2. Choose how many MLBucks you would like to buy and click “Buy”.
  3. Follow Facebook Credits’ payment procedure.


How do I get Fandom?

  1. Play a ballgame and set the ticket price low to bring in a big crowd. Attendees bring in Fandom.
  2. Selling Concessions will earn you Fandom from satisfied customers.
  3. Create fandom from Facility tasks.
  4. Hire skilled Staff members to boost your Fandom rewards.
  5. Install team banners to boost your Fandom rewards.
  6. Some special Stadium parts can boost your Fandom rewards.
  7. Win Fandom as a reward for completing missions.

How do I get Tickets?

  1. Ticket inventory is automatically replenished every 5 minutes.
  2. Win Tickets as a reward for completing Missions by playing Away games against your friends, from tasks in a Facility, or as random rewards from completing Facility Tasks or sending a Vendor into the stands.
  3. Friends can send you Tickets as a free gift.
  4. When you increase your Fandom level, tickets are fully replenished.


How do I get Training Blocks?

  1. Win Training Blocks as a reward for completing missions.
  2. Buy Training Blocks with MLBucks.
  3. Create Training Blocks in the Physio Center Facility.
  4. Friends can send you Training Blocks as a free gift.


How do I add Skill Points to my players?

  1. You must have Training Blocks or Coins to add Skill Points to your players.
  2. Click on the Manage icon.
  3. Click on My Roster.
  4. Click on the player whose rating you would like to increase.
  5. Using Training Blocks or Coins, add Skill Points to your player. Each player has a finite amount of Training Block slots.


How do I re-sign an expired player?

  1. Click on the Manage icon.
  2. Click on My Roster to see your current players.
  1. Click on the expired player’s picture.

To trade the player with another one on your bench, click on “Move”.

To Release a player from his contract, click on “Release”.

To Re-sign a player, click on “Re-sign”.

You will be asked if you would like to Re-sign the player for a certain amount of Coins.

Once you have clicked on the Coins button, you will keep your player!


How do I sign a new player?

  1. Click on an empty + symbol on your bench to go to the Draft Center:
  2. In the Draft Center, choose the player you would like to draft. To sign the player, click on the amount of Coins required to pay for his contract.

To sign another player, DO NOT stay on the same screen if you are choosing another player who plays in the same role (catcher, pitcher, infielder or outfielder). If you choose another player in the same position right away, that new player will replace the one you just signed.

Instead, return to My Roster and choose a new empty + symbol.

When you see the + symbol in the Draft Center, it is safe to draft a new player.


How do I switch a player from my Roster to my Bench or from my Bench to my Roster?

Click on the player you would like to switch, then click on Move. You will be able to choose with which player of the same type (catcher, pitcher, infielder, outfielder) you would like to replace him.

Click on the player who will replace him to switch the players’ positions within the Roster or from Roster-to-Bench. You can also use this method to organize the players on your Bench.


How do I hire Staff?

  1. Click on Manage.
  2. Click on My Staff to see current staff and empty positions.
  3. Click on an occupied or empty staff position to be taken to the Recruiting Center.
  4. Navigate between positions using the round icons at the bottom of the Recruiting Center window.
  5. After choosing your new Staff member, click the icon under “Hire for” to hire them.


How do I add a Friend?

  1. Click on an Add Friends button in any of the following places:

a)      Above the game screen, on the left side of the menu.

b)      In an empty slot on the Friends Bar.

c)      In the Playball pre-game screen, inside the Friend Team tab.

  1. From the Facebook pop-up that appears, select the friends you want to invite to Ballpark Empire and click Send Request.
  2. Your friends will need to respond to your request before you see them appear in your Friends Bar.

Note: If a friend accepts your friend request while you’re playing, you’ll only see them appear on your friends bar after you refresh the game.

How do I send a Friend a Gift?

  1. Click the Send Gift button above the game screen, near the center.
  2. Select the gift you want to send.
  3. Select the friends you wish to send it to.
  4. Click Send Requests to send the gift.
  5. You friends will see a gift notification next time they log into the game.


  1. Click on a friend’s picture in your Friends Bar.
  2. Click Gift in the roll-out menu.
  3. Select the gift you want to send.
  4. Click Send Request to send the gift.


How do I move an item?

  1. Click on Selection Tools.
  2. Click on Move.
  3. Click on the item you would like to move.
  4. Move the item to another location, then click again on the new location complete the move.
  5. To Move a stand, make sure you have first Moved or Stored any concessions inside it or banners, dugouts, lights or scoreboards on the outside.

How do I store an item?

  1. Click on Selection Tools.
  2. Click on Store.
  3. Click on the item you would like to Store.
  4. To Store a stand, make sure you have first Moved or Stored any concessions inside it or banners, dugouts, lights or scoreboards on the outside.
  5. To retrieve a stored item, click on Build and go to the Storage tab.


How do I sell an item?

  1. Click on "Selection Tools."
  2. Click on Sell.
  3. Click on the item you would like to Sell.
  4. To Sell a stand, make sure you have first Moved or Stored any concessions inside it or banners, dugouts, lights or scoreboards on the outside.

Why can’t I place my banner/dugout?

Dugouts and banners share the same grid space. If there is a dugout in front of your stands, you will need to move it or store it to be able to place a banner.


Where do I find my team banner? Where do I find my concrete stands? Where do I find my team items?

  1. Click on Build and choose the Stadiums tab.
  2. Choose between American League or National League.
  3. Choose your team's logo in the correct league to find team-specific items like banners and stadium pieces.


I can’t move my stand! I can’t store my stand! I can’t sell my stand!

Banners and concessions must be removed from the stand before it is moved. Store your concession stands or move to them into another concourse. Then you can store, sell, or move your stand.


I can't see my phone screen! The ads are too big! What do I do?

It is likely that you are zoomed in on your web browser. To fix this, click somewhere on the screen outside of the game window (not on the ads), then press and hold Ctrl and "0" keys on your keyboard at the same time. This will zoom your game back to the right resolution.


How do I Play an Away Game against a friend?

  1. Click on a friend’s picture in your friends bar.
  2. Click Visit in the roll-out menu.
  3. Once you’ve arrived at your friend’s stadium, click the Playball icon on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  4. Be sure to share your story after the game, win or lose!


What is a Season?

In the Regular Season, you can play against other teams on a true-to-life schedule! MLB Ballpark Empire chooses your opponents for you, and you cannot skip any games. Playballs can be Away or Home games. See your standings as you make your way through the season all the way to the Playoffs and the World Series!


How do I see my Season standings?

  1. Click on Playball
  2. Choose Regular Season.
  3. Click on the clipboard next to Playball.


What are Game Changers?

Game Changers are cards you can use during a Playball to influence the outcome of the Playball. Use Defense, Offense, and Special cards to score runs, slow down your opponent, and more!


How do I select my Game Changers for a Playball?

  1. Click on Playball and choose an opposing team.
  2. In the menu where you choose your Entrance Fee, click on “Click to choose card” to choose from your deck of Game Changers
  3. Hover over a Game Changer with your mouse to see an explanation of what that card can do during a Playball. The number on the bottom right-hand corner of the cards indicates the amount of that card you own.
  4. Game Changers are color coded by category:
    1. Red: Offense
    2. Green: Defense 
    3. Yellow: Special Effect
  5. Click on a Game Changer to put it into your pre-game list for this Playball.
  6. Click on Playball.


How do I use my Game Changers during a Playball?

  1. Your Game Changer(s) will appear on the top-left corner of your screen. Some cards will activate themselves at the beginning of the Playball, if indicated on the card.
  2. Click on a Game Changer to use it. Some Game Changers will remain greyed-out until they are able to be used, when they will change to their normal colors. Choose your timing wisely!


Any Game Changer that you have not used will remain in your Inventory.

Pay close attention to the description of what your Game Changer does, as some cards can only be played at certain times (ex. The Fly Ball Game Changer: “If your opponent scored 2 or 3 runs last inning, score 2 runs” can only be played once your opponent has scored 2 or 3 runs, but cannot be used if your opponent has scored 4 runs in the last inning).


How do I see my Game Changers?

In the Inventory:

  1. Click on the Inventory icon (shaped like a box with a Blueprint and mug coming out of it to the left of the Manage icon)
  2. Click on the Game Changers card symbol on the top-left corner of the Inventory window.

In the Playball menu:

  1. Choose an opposing team or go to the next game in your Season.
  2. In the menu where you choose your Entrance Fee, click on “Click to choose card” to choose from your deck of Game Changers.
  3. Once a Game Changer has been used, it will be removed from your Game Changer inventory.


How do I get Game Changers?

Buy them

  1. Click on Build.
  2. Click on the Game Changers tab.
  3. Choose a pack of Game Changers to purchase using Coins or MLBucks.


  1. In the Today’s Game Menu (before a Playball), to the left and under the Entry Fee bar, click on “Get Cards.”

Create them

  1. Click on the Team Training Center
  2. Turn Training Blocks into Game Changers

Win them

Win Game Changers as rewards from Regular Season Playballs.


What is a Golden Statue? Where do I get a Golden Statue?

The Golden Statue is an item like a Hard Hat and Laser Scanner, but a rare one. You can get them randomly as rewards from Playballs, buy them with MLBucks, or win one when you win the World Series.


Bugs and other issues


Swing and Miss

If you are experiencing a Swing and Miss message, here are some things you can try on your own to fix the problem:


  1. Update your Flash player
  2.  Clear your cache and cookies.
  3. Try playing in a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). Please note that MLB Ballpark Empire is not supported on Safari for Windows.


If none of those solutions help, please send us a message. Don’t forget to give us your FB ID (the numbers or name after www.facebook.com/________ on your Profile Page – not the MLB Ballpark Empire app page).


Can't log in through Facebook on iOS/on my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Here are some steps you can try to get back into your MLB Ballpark Empire account through Facebook. If these do not work, please send us a ticket and we will investigate further or give you other things to try:

Close your MLB Ballpark Empire app fully through your Task Manager. Then in your Device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch), go to SETTINGS --> Facebook. If you are already logged in:

First, make sure that you allow the app access to your acount (it's right under your account name and reads "ALLOW THESE APPS TO USE YOUR ACCOUNT). Then try to login to Facebook normally again the MLB Ballpark Empire app.

If that doesn't work, Go back to SETTINGS --> Facebook, then:

- Click on your account (this should be your name/the name you chose for your Facebook account)
- Click on Delete Account (don't worry, you won't be fully deleting your FB account from your phone, just continue following the instructions)
- A popup will appear saying: "Do you want to delete this Facebook account from your [Device name]" (iPod Touch, for example)?
- Click "Delete"
- Click on "Remove Facebook Info" in the next popup window
- You will then be returned to the main Facebook settings page. Simply reenter your Facebook login information in the "User Name" and "Password" columns
- Exit Settings and relaunch the MLB Ballpark Empire app
- Press "Login" at the start-up page
- A popup will appear saying: "Ballpark Empire would like to access your basic profile info, list of friends and likes". You must select "OK" here
- Your Facebook login should be completed normally.


How to merge your Guest and Facebook accounts

How to NOT merge your Guest and Facebook accounts

How to continue playing as a Guest without merging your accounts

*This applies to versions 1.04 and below of MLB Ballpark Empire. 1.05 will bring a new log-in flow

When you are given choices about which version of your game to play, there are 3 options. They are as follows:

1) Continue playing the game you just started playing on the device AND copy that game over your already-existing Facebook game. This will erase your pre-existing, old Facebook game;
2) Put your pre-existing Facebook game on your device as well as your computer, erasing any work you did on the device before you got this prompt. After this, you will be logged in through Facebook on your device.
3) Continue playing the Guest game you started playing on the device, without erasing your Facebook game.